Cakes  & Special Occasion Desserts


Maple Bacon Naked Cake featuring maple-Swiss meringue buttercream and candied maple bacon 

6" serves 8 $45

8" serves 16 $60

9" serves 24 $75


Unicorn cake featuring vanilla cake and Swiss meringue buttercream with a mane of magic color swirls 

6" serves 8 $45

8" serves 16 $60

9" serves 24 $75

Letter cake: K for Kate, featuring carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, macarons, chocolate covered strawberries, candied pecans, daisies, and special guests, bees! Serves 18-20, starting at $40; pictured at $55. Letters can be combined to create company initials or a monogram

K letter cake skb side view.jpg

Number cake: 5 for 5 great years, featuring chocolate cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, strawberries, heart macarons, chocolate hearts, and rose petals, serves 18-20, starting at $40; pictured at $55. Numbers can be combined

floral cake with edge flowers.JPEG

Floral crown cake: pictured with vanilla cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, and pink & coral floral crown

6" serves 8  $38

8" serves 16 $55

9" serves 24 $68

10" serves 38 $95

Cross-shaped cupcake cake.jpg

Confirmation cross cupcake cake with your choice of cake, frosting, and color accents. As pictured with 20 cupcakes, $70

Personalized macarons

Perfect for a special occasion or company messaging

will you be my bridesmaid macarons.jpeg