Cakes  & Special Occasion Desserts


Maple Bacon Naked Cake featuring maple-Swiss meringue buttercream and candied maple bacon 

6" serves 8 $45

8" serves 16 $60

9" serves 24 $75


Unicorn cake featuring vanilla cake and Swiss meringue buttercream with a mane of magic color swirls 

6" serves 8 $45

8" serves 16 $60

9" serves 24 $75

Letter cake: K for Kate, featuring carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, macarons, chocolate covered strawberries, candied pecans, daisies, and special guests, bees! Serves 18-20, starting at $40; pictured at $55. Letters can be combined to create company initials or a monogram

K letter cake skb side view.jpg

Number cake: 24 for 24 great years, featuring chocolate cake, Swiss meringue buttercream & Ferrero Rochers, serves 18-20, starting at $40; pictured at $55 per number. Numbers can be combined

number 24 cake skb.jpg
floral cake with edge flowers.JPEG

Floral crown cake: pictured with vanilla cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, and pink & coral floral crown

6" serves 8  $38

8" serves 16 $55

9" serves 24 $68

10" serves 38 $95

Cross-shaped cupcake cake.jpg

Confirmation cross cupcake cake with your choice of cake, frosting, and color accents. As pictured with 20 cupcakes, $70

Personalized macarons

Perfect for a special occasion or company messaging

Priced according to detail, boxing, and messaging

will you be my bridesmaid macarons.jpeg


Valentine's Macarons

I love you message with customized name on 4th macaron, boxed & ribboned 


additional macarons (unpainted) 


Call for other customized boxes


painted macarons with paintbrushes .jpg
strawberry fault line cake side view.png

Fault-Line Cake

As pictured:

8" layer cake with

Swiss meringue buttercream, organic strawberries, and Rainforest Certified red roses (upcharge for flowers, varies according to season and cost) serves 20-24


6" layer cake serves 12


valentine's cookies LOVE.png

Valentine's Day

Love Cookie Box

10 frosted sugar cookies spelling LOVE,

an X & O for

hugs & kisses,

and little hearts for emphasis, boxed and ribboned for your love


Chocolate Hazelnut

Ferrero Rocher


Our slow-bake water-bath cheesecake is a study in contrasts with a light texture, rich chocolate, hazelnut extract, clouds of organic whipped cream, and Ferrero-Rocher truffles

8" serves 12     $45

6" serves 6    $35

hazelnut ferrero rocher cheesecake.jpg


Hot Chocolate Bombs

For the hot cocoa connoisseurs in your life, these Ghirardelli chocolate hearts filled with hot cocoa powder and marshmallows will delight with hot milk or milk alternative--a visual and tasty treat!


Valentine's Flavors:

Classic Chocolate

White Chocolate

Raspberry White Chocolate

each $6

boxed & ribboned

3 flavor assortment  


heart hot chocolate bombs w hot chocolat