Party & Event Pricing and Policies



Our space will accommodate up to 45 people comfortably, possibly a few more.  We have chairs and seating for 34 people, and guests can bring in extra chairs when needed.  We also have 3 folding tables that guests may use free of charge.

FEES:  We charge a private party fee of $75 for two hours after-hours on days we are open -- Tuesday through Saturday.  On days we are not open (Sunday and Monday), the fee is $125. If the party stays past the two hour time limit, we charge $25 for each 15-minute increment over-time.  If you wish to schedule your event for more than two hours, each additional hour is $75.


DECORATIONS:  We allow guests to decorate our space for events, and may (at no extra charge) come in up to 30 minutes early to decorate and set up. Guests may not attach anything to our walls, ceilings, floors, or fixtures that cannot be removed without damage to our space; and guests will be responsible for removing all decorations from the space.


FOOD AND BEVERAGES:  All food, beverages, and desserts will be purchased from Sweet Katie Bee’s.  In addition to our regular menu, we can also provide cheese, fruit, and sandwich trays, as well as appetizers. Please ask us for any ideas for foods suitable for your event, or let us know what ideas you have; we are able to accommodate almost any request.  The only exception to the outside food and beverage rule is alcoholic beverages.  Guests may bring in wine or other alcohol but we are not allowed to open or serve it. We do not have a liquor license.


For the coffee bar, most people simply run a tab for any menu drinks their guests want.  Another option is to pre-order carafes of drip coffee, chai, hot chocolate, or tea. Prices per carafe range from $18 to $25, and they serve up to 10 people each.  


DEPOSIT:  We require a deposit of $100.00, paid at least one week in advance, to book events.  The fee is non-refundable if your party is cancelled less than one week in advance.  We would also request your food and beverage order one week in advance.


If there are additional questions, please ask!  Please call us at 618.622.9930 for the fastest response, or email us at sweetkatiebees@gmail.com


By officially booking the event and paying your deposit, you agree to these terms. Please acknowledge receipt, understanding, and compliance with these rules by signing below:



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