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  • Check the quality of baking ingredients

  • Prepare equipment for baking

  • Measure and weigh flour and other ingredients

  • Combine measured ingredients in mixers or blenders

  • Mix, knead, roll, cut, and shape doughs and/or batters

  • Place batter or dough into pans, into molds, or onto baking sheets

  • Set oven temperatures

  • Place items into ovens, and set timer 

  • Observe color and state of products being baked and pull items at appropriate time to ensure quality, pleasing appearance, taste, and texture

  • Apply glazes, icings, frostings, or other toppings

    • Cakes

    • Cookies

    • Cupcakes

    • Assorted pastries

    • Allergy & specialty baking (training available)

  • Clean work area, as well as pots, pans, bowls, utensils, and any other items used in baking process.  Clean work tables, shelves, bins, and floors at least daily and as needed to keep work area clean and safe to work in.  Request these  tasks be done by other workers when available and not busied by other tasks, but this must be done in a “Clean As You Go” manner.

  • Communicate to management any questions on procedures, requirements, or to ask for clarification on any recipes, policies, or practices at SKB; recipes discovered or used at SKB will be open property to SKB and available to inform guests of ingredients 

  • Develop and maintain standard procedures in recipes

  • Assist in training new employees 

  • Inventory

    • Check and record inventory of baking ingredients daily.  Communicate with management any ingredients needed for next day’s baking

    • Keep a running list of items to be purchased on a weekly basis, updated as inventory reaches low levels or is depleted

  • Ensure that all checklists are followed.  Make recommendations to management on additions or changes to the list

  • End of Day Closing:  ensure that all closing procedures are followed.  Communicate with management any items not completed as well as any purchases that are needed for the next day.

  • Set a good example for employees to follow.  

  • Perform any other tasks as required or assigned

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, multiple times throughout the day.

  • Repetitive movements of mixing, stirring, rolling, frosting can cause strain on arms, hands, and shoulders.

  • Bending, twisting and repetitive movements are required.

  • Current Illinois Food Service Manager Certification required


Updated 12.15.21 - evfh

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